Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's kind of like reading the paper in the morning

Whoa, paper? What is this "paper?" I meant the internets. Anyway, first thing in the morning the dogs groggily sniff about. Lexi here maintained this happy low-key demeanor all morning, seemingly amused by the rowdiness of others but not particularly interested in participating. "Happily independent" is a good description, I think.

Ziek and me

Get off my lawn!

Soldier C. looks like he's trying (and failing) to keep those "darn kids" off his property. Porter is the group's ambassador:

Bella E. and Gretta playing ball

Bella E. got the ball most of the time, but Gretta didn't seem to mind. It's the chase, not the catch, grasshopper.

Lilia getting Piper to play

I think Piper suspected some ulterior motive, what with all the cuteness:

I think this is called "frolicking"

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sunny S. and Kasey K. playing very nicely. I knew they would get along.

Meet one of my dogs, Sunny

Sunny has a crazy amount of energy. I've taken her on eight mile runs with me, and she still bounces off the wall (figuratively speaking, usually) in the early evening. But after a day in daycare, she behaves as well as a snoozing dog can. Which is very.

Fiesta de la siesta!

In the early afternoon on sunny days, the dogs tend to mellow out. Lots of napping and wagging. If dogs were into Yoga, they'd be doing that too.

Your dogs have the, ahem, pleasure of hearing me sing from time to time.

Beamer Posing for the camera

Beamer G. got up there by himself. I think he likes to hang out on higher surfaces so he gets to be taller than the other dogs.

I was kind of hoping that the other dogs would all gather around Beamer G. "onstage" and then he would start playing air guitar. We're still working on it.

Just in time for Valentine's Day

Oscar D. and Spirit P. being cute.

Serves me right for being smug

Sophie M. displays her perfect comic timing.